Socks has a Jicama!


Ok I’m not going to apologise any more for being bad at updates. The thing is, poor Socks is getting overwhelmed with first-owned-house stuff, and visitors, and an approaching baby shower a buncha states away. She’s probably at the most ‘boring’ part of her pregnancy, as far as updates go, because not much is going on in there except a lot of growth! But she unfortunately doesn’t have a lot of time to meditate on the growing Budda-Belly right now with so much else on her plate.

So…three weeks(!) ago, Button was an ‘English Cucumber’ in length. Hmm. Hard to picture. Google isn’t much help, it seems mostly 26week pregnant women are putting up photos tagged ‘English Cucumber.’ Button’s brain was starting to get wrinkles then – so I guess before then she was really not able to think or remember or learn. Not as if there’s much to learn in there right now! However, she is reacting to loud noises with a big startle reflex, even when the noise is rooms away. Like when Bear decided Button’s closet was dangerous to little fingers – it had poorly made doors – and he made her a whole new walk-in closet, drywall and all! Lots of noise, and the soon-to-be parents both left little secret notes written on the hidden inside walls for Button to discover one day. Aww. Socks said she got a little emotional over the closet-building, too: the idea that they were creating something for someone they were creating was a bit of a surprising idea. Socks made me laugh when she talked about having the air-conditioning company come out to look over their heating and cooling – ‘He better be good, and fast – you just don’t mess with a pregnant woman’s temperature!’

Two weeks ago, Button was a Pineapple! I should have posted then, that’s a way better fruit than this week’s one. Up to 3 1/2 pounds or almost 1.6 kilos! Wow!

They had another ultrasound scan done – a fancy 3D one. You could see Button’s hair! That is just amazing. Button only got brain wrinkles last week, but hair already! Real hair, not the downy pigment-less fur she used to have covering her whole body. Button was also practicing how to breathe, moving her diaphragm up and down. Time for hiccups to start!

They did take time out to take a belly-photo, but she’s not had time to upload it yet. However, finally getting a chance to have a real wash, shave her legs, and actually blow-dry her hair was a welcome break from cleaning the new house and moving their stuff and changing addresses and getting cable and running a business and…
…and dealing with the bizarre, redneck, scatterbrained, possible Friends of Bill W, tattoo covered, greasy, biker appearing people Bear bought a used yard tractor from. The story is way too long for me to relate here: it took Socks a good hour to tell it what with me laughing so hard I nearly wet myself. Suffice to say it ended with Bear buying a new tractor elsewhere and getting it delivered in an hour. Which was a relief after a week or more of buying, using, not being able to use, and helping the nut jobs pick up for repair the used tractor. And that’s the short, short story with huge gaps…

This week! Week 32. This is ‘generic squash week’ or ‘a large jicama.’ I had to Google, and steal, someone’s pic of a jicama – I had no idea what it was even if I could spell it. Here:

Not lovely, is it? Damn. The pineapple would have been so much more fun! Right, next time the fruit/veg is pretty, I’m posting. No more excuses.

Button is even bigger: already about 4 lbs or 1.8 kg. She’s 15-17 inches (38-43 cm) long from head to toes. At what is ‘officially’ seven months, she is nearly all the way formed. Not translucent any longer, real hair, and all of her senses are working. She usually seems to hang out head down, fingers in face, in all the ‘photos’, and is quite strong when she wants to be! Socks says she has a real sense of Button being a separate person that she can interact with and even play with by poking her belly and getting a reaction that is predictable and consistent (my words: she just said ‘playing with her is so much fun! When I poke here, she kicks me! When I poke there, she does a somersault!’).

Socks did say that she gets a shock when she sees her reflection by accident, like in the window of a restaurant where the server called her precious. (I’d not be able to eat if anyone called me precious. Just…no.)

And the best news for Bear? Her belly button has stayed an ‘innie!’

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  1. Can’t they just say “eggplant” or “cantelope” or something we have all heard of? Oh, she’s the size of a tomatilla! Oh, right… a tomatilla…. btw, I musta missed something… who is Socks?

  2. The temperature thing is SO true! Our air was out in the middle of July/August (for a WHOLE month because our landlords at the time were useless scum,) and I had started to develop pre-ecclampsia. I was so pissed to be even more uncomfortable (and possibly dangerously so, considering my condition.) On one of my emergency hospitalizations for my BP, my hubs finally called the heating/cooling people himself and had the air fixed (we thought we’d be bringing baby home even then! As it is, she came 3 and a half weeks early, half a week before I was scheduled for induction because of my pre-ecclampsia.) It’s great Socks is in good health and doing so well with her pregnancy. She’s in the home stretch. It will change her life when her little one arrive! :3

    • What state are you in, again? Just so I can picture how hot it was. So sorry to hear you had the preeclampsia, that’s some scary stuff. I’m worried Socks is being forced to overdo it right now, with so much going on. I don’t want her BP to rocket up with all the stress!
      I’m sure I’ll be my normal selfish self and whine about how her life has changed once Button comes! It’s all in jest but always in every joke a bit of truth, right? Now I’m going to go comment on your last post, I’m still giggling over it 🙂

  3. In the home stretch! Today is the last day to deal with the old Townhouse, grab the last few items and swiffer the floor etc then I’m DONE with that place!!!! 🙂 My new place is a disaster of piles dumped here and there but after today it will all be in ONE place and that’s all that matters right this moment. Other than having to wear special knee stockings to keep my feet from swelling to the size of elephants feet, having to wear a brace on my right hand due to terrible carpel tunnel, the bags under my eyes, the soreness in my muscles, the sharp pain in my left upper back/hip area and being so tired and far behind on all things work related I’m doing pretty darn well (no sarcasm actually). I just hope that I can “sorta” rest in the couple days before I have to leave to travel to Ohio for my baby shower. Fingers crossed I don’t look like a tired old worn out travel hag in all the photos!

    Thankfully I was wise enough months ago to schedule a hair appointment for just before I leave. So even if I have huge bags under my eyes my hair at least is going to look FABULOUS!!

    I love you all for coming on this oh so tiring and oh so exciting journey with me. I need to slow down now and savor this last home stretch before my little Button is here in person.

    • I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are leaving Button notes for her to find. I love it. That thought will make me smile for weeks.

      I actually do that to friends of mine when I visit and stay at their house. I’ll leave little sticky notes hidden all over the house telling them how much I miss them and such. One friend (As part of a long story) I leave moose things all over her house. Bookmarks hidden in books, christmas ornaments hanging from a hook. One friends girlfriend asked me to please leave my friend a message on the mirror, sense I had apparently done that in the last place my friend had lived in and when she moved it broke her heart to leave it.

    • Awww. I had terrible swelling because I had pre-ecclampsia. Every day when I woke, my hands were so stiff and sore from water that it hurt to move them. Just take it easy and don’t try to overdo it. 🙂

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