Because I love the wee lads, and they are being adorable, here’s a couple pics of Spot curled up on top of his little brother. Poor Lokii doesn’t seem to care, but yet he isn’t sleeping, either…


Spot, however, has no compunctions about smothering Lokes. Apologies as always for terrible-quality iPad pictures. I knew if I got out the ‘real’ camera they wouldn’t stay that way!

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  1. passive agressive seating arrangements? ipad 3 will apparently have better camera. I am starting to think about one. Sort of in the same way as I think about tidying the office. It’s something to do later….

    • They lurve eachother 🙂 Snooze together, battle, wander around, tease the dog, snooze together – the nightly routine! As to the iPad…yes, I’ve heard that. I still don’t know how much this one cost- nor do I want to- and it’s less than a year old so I won’t be upgrading any time soon. I love the stupid thing 🙂

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