Adventures in the dark


Another short post tonight. This time I’m sober. I drank enough last night for three nights! Whee!

However the main reason for our sobriety tonight is that the aurora borealis was meant to show up in our skies. We’d first heard it might start last Monday, but the updates have been, well, updated, and it was tonight and/or tomorrow. So we waited and hoped, and then went for a drive up our local mountain to see if we could see anything.

No joy, unfortunately. It’s too overcast. Rats. At least it wasn’t raining, but let me tell ya, even in the daylight in summer it is windy and cold up there, so a nocturnal January visit was really chilly. It’s also rather terrifying just driving up that road. I’ll try to get pics for you tomorrow.

I’ve not been up there at night before, it was really pretty but hard to photograph. Need to use the ‘good camera’ and hope the gusts of wind don’t make the shot too blurry!

Thoughts? Gardening tips? Cocktail recipes? Don't just like and leave, please - I can talk for Ireland and would love to prove it!

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