Oh noes!


Wow, I think my hits today are my lowest ever, and my day is close to being over. I HATE that I can’t be on here much any more! I’ve barely played with Brushes in the last two weeks, too. Aargh!

I want to bitch randomly. But I’ll save that for when I have more time-ha…

Instead, here’s an adorable cat photo. Hoping it brings my views up for the day, otherwise I’m just going to be depressed a bit.


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  1. awwww, I wish Calpurrnia and BuddyBoop would start snuggling! Does the doggie ever snuggle with the cats?

    Here’s hoping you acclimate soonest to havin’ a dang 9-5, Spiders. The paycheck should be showing up soon–maybe that will take some of the sting out of the no-time-for-myself situation?!

    • It’s a happy surprise that Spot allows this! For me, this pic is extra special as he has his arm stretched out. He does that to us hoomans a lot, to touch our faces. A lovely habit, but not one he’s ever extended to his kitty brother before! Spot will force himself on the dog for cuddles when I ignore him, but Neko and Lokii agree to disagree. After 2 years I doubt that will change.

  2. That is absolutely adorable. What snuggly sleepy faces!

    When I’m busy and tired, I ask my kitties to take an extra nap for me. Not sure how well it works, but they always oblige!

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