How to Roast a Chicken – With Jokes!


iDJ and I perform what I think of as tag-team cooking. For one meal, I have my cooking tasks and he has his. For example, I cut up the peppers but he cuts up the mushrooms. These rules are not set in stone but rather the way we’ve worked out how to share cooking duties.

When we roast a chicken he gets his hands dirty and I do the spices. He picks off any feathers, and rubs oil over the whole bird. I do the spices on one side, he waits, then he flips the bird and oils the other side. Then he can wash up. Saves us both having to get raw chicken yuck on our hands and/or saves him from having to wash his hands several times. Pretty efficient, we think!

Tonight he got a little ahead of me and took out the spice jars in advance. I sprinkle on salt, pepper, garlic, oregano, basil and thyme. Sometimes not all of the green ones, but he had them out so I used them all.

Then I noticed he had both types of thyme on the counter. One is chopped, one is ground to a fine powder. So I told him, for his future reference, that I only use one thyme at a time.

Yes, we are that nerdy.

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  1. I am salivating looking at that chicken! My other half and I do tag team cooking too. He cooks and I clean the kitchen. Something doesn’t seem quite right though, because when I cook, I clean the kitchen too!

  2. What kind of coking device is that? I have never seen anything like it. Look like one of those children’s Eazy Bake ovens from childhood…you know, the toy stove that lets kids bake cookies with lightbulbs then, burn down the house?

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