Playing Holiday catch up


I bounced out of bed this morning with every intention of writing a blog post first thing. Ya see how well I did at that! I did send my Irish holiday cards out, having sent the US ones last week. They will probably all be late, or get lost. Oh well, I did my least. Not best – not even close – which is a shame.

I used to seek out family members to send cards to. Aunties, cousins, friends I’d not seen in years… I had great fun. I always wanted to draw on the envelopes and have good handwriting (HA!), include a personal message, and get them sent out in plenty of time. I even wanted to start the week after the *holidays and save them up for the next year. I wanted to draw my own card in Brushes this year, and have ‘real’ cards! I didn’t do any of that, obviously. I scrawled a short everyone-gets-the-same-thing message and gave one shit not about my horrible penmanship.

*As an atheist I know about as much about Judaism as I do about Catholicism or paganism – not very much about any, but more than some. Members of my family are in all three groups and there are also ‘meh’ people like me; so when I say ‘holidays’ I’m covering all the bases. Wish me whatever suits you, I won’t be offended by any or all of the above. Christmahanukwanzica works, too! It’s the happy feelings and keeping in touch that matters most to me. That, and Deth Nog.

Oh oh oh! The Twelve Days of Kwanzaa is on SomaFM! I love this one. I seem to like the twelve days parodies best: Kwanzaa, Gay, Redneck…

Anyhow, I’m getting way off topic as usual. I had a story to tell (I did tell a funny story about Hanukkah in the comments on another blog), but instead I’m rattling on about the holidays. Funny how that works. Hubby is still working on his Internet Christmas special – he looooves doing it. He even posted on FB tonight how the songs make him ‘well up.’ Awww. Nice to hear, when we have nothing but hugs to give each other this year.

Except for that little package that fell out of the tree yesterday. It has my name on it, and I recognize the wrapping paper. Dammit.

Oh! He gave me his old iPhone, and it came with the Hipstamatic application. I’ve not played with it much, but tonight we had a gorgeous sunset and I thought I might catch the Christmas tree with the sunset behind it on some groovy retro film. It didn’t work, but I got a couple good close up pics:


Then I went upstairs so I could see the sunset properly without a huge tree in the way.


See how different they are? Same phone, taken about 1 minute apart…but the funky film and different ‘flash’ options make a big difference. I can see why people go a bit nuts with the Hipstamatic app. It’s great fun if you have an eye at all for mentally seeing how it might look old, scratchy, the wrong color, etc.

This was taken with our proper camera, only a few minutes later. Super zoomed in, but not filtered or played with in any way. A big difference!

Hahah, ‘I Came Upon a Roadkill Deer’! I love SomaFM. ‘Be careful of those gravel bits, they really get stuck in your teeth.’ OH! ‘Walkin’ Round in Women’s Underwear’!!!

I think I’m back in the holiday spirit 🙂

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  1. Oh, I do exactly the same. Everyone gets the same message, and sometimes even the same cards, or the same cards from last year that I had left. and my handwriting sucks.

    • You made me literally laugh out loud with ‘my handwriting sucks’ as I don’t expect you’d say it quite that way, normally! I’m a bad influence 🙂 Yes, I always get cards by the same artist at the same shop an hour away, and every year they are different…but we didn’t go this year. So, same old cards, folks! Even the old ones I brought over from America six years ago… Oh well. They’ll love me anyway 🙂

      • You think we REMEMBER the design of the card we got last year from Aunt Flossie?! hahahahaha!

        A few years ago, I started typing Christmas letters because I wanted to stay in touch. But the mailing list is down to 4, I think! THEY might still care! >:-D

        And my handwriting is spidery-awful, present company accepted/excepted!

        • Yay! Good to know not every creative person has gorgeous handwriting. I always felt a bit of a failure in that I can draw but can’t write! Not to my standards, at least. My cards are funky, so people probably remember them… oh well!

  2. Fantastic photos! Bravo!
    I’m happy you are back in your holiday spirit. Do you know that Russians don’t have any of those holidays? Well, we do have Christmas but it’s not that social as the European ( so to say) Christmas and it’s not so popular either. We celebrate the New Year instead, but it’s a long story why it happened.

    • Really? What about you, have you adopted the holiday in your new home? I’ll have to Google about Russia, I expect it’s political in nature and interesting. I just celebrate getting time off work (when i had a job!) and eating food I never would eat – or at least not as much.

      • Montenegro uses the same religious calendar as Russians do, the orthodox one. According to this calendar Christmas happens on the 7th January. While in Russia only really religious people celebrate Christmas, here in Montenegro only 1% claims to be atheist,s others are different religions, some of them are orthodox and they do celebrate Christmas more than they celebrate New Year but that’s again about going to churches and praying not about the fun around the tree.

        I think we feel a bit of all the holidays – your Christmas, then the New Year, then the orthodox Christmas, and then comes the local New Year on the 14th January ( local people celebrate two New Years). LOL :))

        Here’s a wiki article about Ded Moroz, the artificial guy that was introduced to the Soviet children instead of Santa Claus when Christmas was forever taken away from them. Stalin didn’t forget to order Ded Moroz to wear blue, not red, so that nothing would remind them of the original Christmas.

        • Huh, not as political in nature as I thought it would be. Pretty neat, though! I’m always telling people that most of the religious traditions were taken from much older ones, so it is strange to see the reverse!

  3. Sadly I’m the kind of person who stresses out about my Christmas Cards. Ever since I started the handmade tradition some years back I can’t stop now or I’d feel like a personal failure. I send out somewhere between 60-70 cards, this year all handpainted with watercolor and all with a different personal message inside. I really know how to pressure myself to say the least but hey, it’s what I do and as an artist, if I didn’t pressure myself I’d never get anything creative done. Now, to finish that damn painting for Spider that was supposed to be done in August! Yep, typical artist…schelping along. Thank goodness it’s for Spider and her unending patience with my artist brain timeline. LOVE YOU SPIDER. It will all be worth your wait in the end, I promise you.

    Merry Merry and all that Jazz! Yay for Holiday Spirit. Just wish I could share some Holiday Spirits too.

    • There are deadlines??! Damn it! 🙂

      Your 60-70 cards made me feel a lot better about my 30. And I didn’t even hand make them, so to speak. I wanted to draw something special for my cards this year, but I have to admit I rarely drawn any more. We have a thought for next year…. we’ll see.

    • They always scare us here with the deadline date for posting to the US or wherever. I want to send 60 cards! I want to have 60 people looking forward to my card the way we look forward to Socks’. Yes, she’s locked in to them now!

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