Socks has a Plum! No, a Peach! No, a Lemon!


The short story: Socks is the nickname of my best friend, and she is having her first baby. Since I can’t be there with her, I’m chronicling her journey on my blog.

Long story: go here, then here, and the rest are my weekly updates: one, two, three, four, five, and six. That will catch you up to now!

No, I’m not three weeks behind on my Socks + Button update. I am a week behind. But also in the last week, her due date got bumped forward a week! She had another ultrasound/sonogram (whatever they are called these days) and based on Button’s measurements, they think Socks is now due on June 9 rather than June 14. So we skipped a fruit entirely, dammit.

We’re both a bit baffled by the fruit-size similes lately. Saying a plum is bigger than a lime was a little odd. I guess the book writers have really small limes. They are saying at week 13, baby is the size of your closed fist. I don’t know about you, but my fist is bigger than any peach, ever. Also bigger than any lemon I’ve ever seen; I’m tipping into navel orange territory here. I have some big hands, I’m not a little person…but still.

Bear, of course, just says that of course Button is big: it’s a Bear Family baby. Well, yeah!

Bear is still in denial, or something like it. He needs to educate himself on what is going on ‘inside his wife’ and stop being so freaked out. Well, ‘freaked out’ is too strong an expression. He’d be more comfortable if he knew the medical facts, I think, rather than listening to his male friend – who has a child! – tell him that Button has gills and a tail that “falls off.” Sheesh, no wonder he’s a bit green around his own gills, if he believes that rubbish. He’s just still a bit unwilling to look for himself.

The other important business that Socks had taken care of is testing for chromosomal abnormalities. A bit of a controversial subject in Ireland – there is no abortion for any reason, so why bother to check if the baby you are carrying is fully healthy and normal? It was just a blood test from Socks herself, but a rather odd one. They didn’t draw blood, they just did a finger-prick and put one drop of blood on each of five dots on a card. Then they folded it up and shipped it off to the lab. Wow, huh? I’m fascinated by this, as is Socks – just how does an old dried up bit of blood tell them anything? Medicine sure has come a long way.

The ultrasound had a little surprise – at 13/14 weeks, Button is already sucking its thumb! The picture is clear even to me, and I have trouble seeing much on those printouts. Socks said she could see the movement ‘live’ on the screen, which was thoughtfully placed on the ceiling so she didn’t have to turn to look.

Nice – the best I ever got at a gynaecologist’s office was a smiley-face sticker on the ceiling. It didn’t help.

I almost don’t want to tell any more. There is some news that isn’t ‘bad’, per se, but of things that will have to be kept in mind for the future. First, Socks has a fibroid. They say that it presents no danger, but may cause her more pain than usual during labor and after the birth. Second, there’s an issue that may mean she is at risk of high blood pressure, preeclampsia, and that Button will be smaller than usual for its gestational age. Now, we already see that last one doesn’t seem to be holding true. She has never had high blood pressure – actually runs low – so we’re not worried there either. They put her on one baby aspirin a day to reduce the risk of preeclampsia, and she’ll take that until she is 8 months along then stop. She isn’t in any danger until 20 weeks at the earliest, however, so this early warning of the potential risk is welcome and I’m sure they will take good care to continue preventive measures.

She sounds like she is in really good hands, after all: a video monitor on the ceiling!!!

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  1. Erm.. I find it strange someone is blogging about another’s pregnancy. It’s such a fragile, personal thing in the first trimester.. Anyhow, I gave birth naturally 1st time round.. NEVER again! They had to take scissors to my lady parts(I still wince at that thought!) 25 stitches after almost same no of hours in labour.. Uh uh!! Won’t do that again! So next 2 c-section.. Yay for c-sections! Takes same time to recover from, & less stitches (10 less to be exact, plus stitches are in a more humane place!) & no waiting! : )

  2. Being an only child I can only describe my relationship with Spider that of very close sisters. While she blogs about my pregnancy with my permission, there are things that we’ve agreed are private. I’m far from family and friends and for some reason this makes me feel that my support is closer. I’m pretty much reinventing the baby wheel having never been around anyone who was pregnant, or has babies. Talking everything out, every step and decision I go through with my closest friend helps keep me grounded and from feeling overwhelmed. She’s the perfect friend, she doesn’t judge, she’s supportive without telling me what I should do and gently reminds me of who I am when I find that I’m momentarily lost. Everyone should have a Spider for a friend 🙂

    • And people like me who love you but don’t talk to you on the phone get to hear what’s going on. 🙂

      Don’t let anyone scare you, every birth is as different as every person is. The one rule is there is no ONE rule. I haven’t been blessed enough to be able to have my own babies, but I’ve acted as Doula to a handful of friends. (I’d do it for a living actually if it wouldn’t make me so sad) You make the choices that make you happy and don’t let anyone tell you it’s wrong. Of course unless you are thinking about drinking drain-o or something. 🙂 I think you’ll be a fantastic mommy.

      As for daddy I’ve heard the What to expect when you’re expecting is a good book for the guys to read too. Or “She’s having a baby, I’m having a break down”. Sadly I know less about what’s good for daddy because it seems like I get to be doula/coach because the man isn’t there.

      I know, weird getting advice from someone whose never had a baby, but at least what I’ve learned wasn’t colored by my own stress, pain ect. 🙂

  3. I think key limes and ‘bar limes’ are much smaller than a lemon, and somewhat smaller than plums. Other limes are the size of lemons.

    There are some parts of the baby’s blood that cross the placential barrier – the Rh factor is one, which is why a Rh negative mom with a positive baby is a potential problem, especially after the first one. So they could be digging those out to look at the chromosomes.

    And as a pretty much totally inexperienced person, the advice I would keep in mind is that most always pregnancies muddle along to a happy result without anyone doing anything.

    Perhaps Bear is the kind of dad who would just as soon stick to the traditional dad role of pacing and handing out cigars afterward.

    • Oh, he surely is! Not the new-age dad that will be right up in there with the camcorder. I don’t blame him, nor would I want it recorded if it were me! I just thik it is funny that he resists the straight facts via books, but listens to ‘old wives tales.’

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