Steve Nicks, Leather and Lace.

And what a hard time this song is having at driving out my dream. I’ve said before that only very violent dreams are ‘nightmares’ to me. Wow, this one was. One minute I’m in a snowy field, admiring the reflection of trees in a lake. The next, a man is pulling his entire digestive system out through his mouth, hand over fist, and the intestines took a really long, messy time to come out. I don’t know if I’ve ever managed to look away until it was over in a dream before. The sounds didn’t stop, though. Ewww.

Earworm OTD

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  1. My sympathies. The psyche can be a dark place to get out of. You mean you can’t get out of the psyche? Oh. Oh dear. I hadn’t thought of that. [ponders some more. nothing arises. silence.]

    Guess we’re stuck with the psyche?

    Sounds a like a good name for a rock band. Stevie and the Stuck-With-the-Psyches.

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