Seahorse has been Brushed!


Good morning! Here’s a seahorse out of my head. Completely fanciful: I made the tail curl the wrong way! By the time I thought to Google one for real and found that the tail curls under, I was too far along to easily fix it. Oh well! I’m trying to do a few drawings for kids, this is one.


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  1. So lovely! I will save this one too. BTW I would also make the tail go this way, it kind of looks more “horsey” this way :))

    If I saw a key ring with this print I would definitely buy one!

  2. Yes to artistic license. I’ve seen them in real life, suspended more vertically w/ tail dangling, so I did notice — but here you have a rocking-horse. So who’s to say nay. A sea-horse rockin’ out, on a rock on the bottom of sea. I hear a rap song, to go along with.

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