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Someone had great fun yesterday reading every last post I’ve done! I’m quite flattered about it. I’ve so few followers, and I’m so new, that my site stats tell me these things. I’m less than a month and a half along but I put up so very, very much it is rare that anyone tries to read it all, especially in one day! (I just had a look, 170 posts, yikes, I’m a bit verbose.) Whoever you are, thank you – I’d love it if you commented, but I’m glad you took the time nonetheless. I’ve not had such a high-count day since I did the portraits of Jimmie Chew.

Oh, yes: I’ve been rejected by BioWare Ireland as a customer service representative. Probably because I couldn’t kiss arse enough in their on-line interview. I just couldn’t blow that much smoke up an online questionnaire’s arse. I’m afraid to say I’m happy that I didn’t get it, it sounded like a living hell.

Hubby took a photo of the statue they are putting up in the square. I wasn’t too far off in my description yesterday.


This is Anthony Raftery, “the blind poet” who was from this area. I suppose I should apologise for complaining about a cattle scale being taken out in order to commemorate much older local history.

My ‘big news’ is that I sent in my application to be an exhibitor at the Open Fair in Castlebar on December 4. I applied as a digital portrait artist, illustrator, and logo designer. I’m a bit scared, to be honest. I have no idea what to charge. I don’t know if I can or should sell my work as digital only, no hard copy: or only hard copy. I’d have to borrow a printer or have it printed elsewhere.

Well, the main thing is that I’ve taken the first step. Even if nothing comes of it, the act of doing something like this is a huge breakthrough for me. Scary, but also scary in a good way!

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  1. As a seasoned (ahem, read old) artist…if it were me mind you…I would have printed (professionally and in different sizes) a limited series run (under 10 each is good for your first art showing thing) that are signed and dated. That way people can walk away with your art, make it easy for them and they will buy. Make sure the works you like the best you print the least of…people like to buy things that are rare or not easy to come by. Then have all your other options and a full digital portfolio ready to go and available for everyone else. I assume if you are a logo artist you’ll be looking for some jobs…print cheap biz cards and on the back (as the possible clients show themselves, write on the back a 10% off coupon for a full design job or a “free consultaion” for design services. Clients love that. I hope you break a leg and are overwhelmed by requests for your talents! Remember that when selling art people are buying YOU and your story, no one else can do what YOU do (good, bad and ugly)…so have a good story and a cheerful disposition and you will make sales and land clients. Have a great day! Heather

    • Hello! Thank you for finding me. I never even thought of selling previous work. I was completely thinking portraits only. The open fair is for anyone doing or making anything, and it’s free to show. I might be next to a guy making furniture or someone who cleans chimneys! Wow, I’m getting overwhelmed with ideas now 🙂

      • And further to badkittyartstudio’s really great tips, if you are getting business cards, or mini cards or anything else of that kind, do check out moo print. It’s a great way to custom make business cards, very short run brochures (on a card basically) or postcards. Their print quality is A1, and you can normally find introductory offers. And if you can do you a really good logo, you can do one for someone one else.Your business card is a great way to showcase yourself. Also, you can do a selection of designs – if you print 50 cards with them, they can all be different. Your drawings can go on them. On pricing, when I did my logo, I used a guy in the states who provided a digital suite (pos/neg for print + screen) and I think he charged me something like 115usd. That was a couple of years ago.

    • Hello, Heather–I lurk here at SpiderWoman’s spot and your comment helped ME over in the States! Thank you for sharing your expertise. I’m starting out as a concrete and mosaic artist (“lovely and useful objects for the home, garden, and public settings”–still working on that statement).

  2. Huge congratulations! I believe the Universe helps us sort things out when and if we’re too busy being practical/emotional human beans, so losing out on the CS job seems to be an enormous gift!

    You remind me to have courage and take steps toward my goal of being a self-sustaining artist. Thank you for sharing your story.

    Oh! Don’t forget to have a one-liner down pat! I do XXXX (art) for XXXXX, along the lines of my own rough-draft statement above.

    I love what Heather said — we’re selling ourselves and our story–very personal!

    It’s the 60 second elevator speech for an artist. (Thanks for the kick in the rump–I have been so busy getting my first commission ready that I have had to put the elevator speech on ice. Bad idea. When I deliver to my client, I HAVE to have brilliant stuff to say!)

    So exciting! Keep us posted! I’ve only just met you, but I already revel in your energies!

    • I have a statement. Maybe you’ve seen it:
      Practising surrealist, self-confessed cat-lover, designer of greeting cards, writer of haiku, mother of two, wife of one. Can’t stand lettuce.
      Works a treat – I think…..

    • It’s a good scared, right?!

      I’m sorry that I helped in the overwhelming. The idea for a statement is this:
      –sometimes getting nervous and not knowing what to say.
      –splains to a potential customer succinctly what you do. again with the not having to search for words.

      A few weeks ago, I was talking enthusiastically to a nice lady in a supply shop about how I love mosaics. She asked: what kind do you do? I actually was struck dumb and just stared at her. How embarrassing!!! She gave me a prompt and suddenly I could recall what it is that I do.

      It’s prolly only me who gets nervous and actually tongue-tied and starts to rattle along confusedly!! My advanced age, you young pups!

      • Well, for someone only part Irish, I can talk to anyone about anything like a native. It just didn’t occur to me that I needed to think about it until I had to fill in the form and it asked what my ‘product or service’ was. I didn’t even know if it was a product or a service! I called it ‘digitally hand-drawn portraits: pets, people. Also illustrations and logos, but I think I’ll leave that off when I get there. I’m the boss!

  3. Like you said, you’ve already taken the first step. 🙂
    Just follow your instinct, and your heart and I’m sure everything will end up just fine!

    And I love that statue!

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