Inefficiency abounds this week


I’m freezing. Just looked and it is 17.1c in the house. That’s about 63f. Too cold for me, I turned on the heat. It’s nasty outside: windy, rainy and cold. Probably won’t be walking The Queen today. Our house faces the mountain, and I can’t see it at all. Never a good sign. I use the mountain like the old joke Indian Weather Rock: if invisible, fog or rain for at least the next half hour. It hides quite often this time of year.

So… they ripped up the old metal cattle-weighing scale in the town square last week. It took five county council workers and a backhoe to dig it out and fill in the hole. Sad to see it go; my hubby remembers the last cattle market. They docked the cows’ horns there, and the streets ran with blood in the gutters, while the poor cows screamed. Not the nicest memory, but still something that should have perhaps been preserved.

There’s going to be ‘some sculptures’ put into the hole, and I saw one of them this morning on a flatbed truck. It was on its back and bubble wrapped too much to tell what it is. Sort of looked like a short brown Gandalf with a gnarled stick instead of a staff. Sort of odd that there’s no talk about what is happening in such a small town as this, with such a big gossip-mill. I guess whoever got paid to make said ‘sculptures’ is the only one who really cares.

They are also putting up the strings for the Christmas lights. The same old strings they put up every year. It takes five men and a scissor lift truck (I had to Google a bunch of shite to figure out what it was called) to put them up all down the town.

Anyhoo, they are putting up the strings. Not the strings with the bulbs attached, oh no. Just the strings. They’ve been at it all week, tying up traffic, these five county council workers. And pretty soon they’ll get to go back and put the bulbs in, one by one.

This is why I can’t get a job. I’m not lazy enough.

Nothing to do with the heavy sarcasm, nah.

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  1. I didn’t understand what happened with the cows there but I feel like I probably shouldn’t know because there was the word “blood” and I’m not good with stories when animals and blood are put together.

    17 C?! How are you there at this temperature? I would be already crying ( honestly it used to happen in that far away Russia to me a lot, when I lived in a cold flat, I could cry because I hated it so much). Then I moved to a warmer flat and then we moved to a much warmer country. It’s 17C outside in the evenings here now and it feels REALLY cold!

    • I don’t mind the cold, acutually. Heating oil costs so much we keep it off as much as we can. But today, I think I’ll light a fire, too. It’s wet and cold and windy so it feels worse. It’s 12 outside, and not quite dark yet. I bet you were miserable in Russia! Where are you from originally?

      • I’m originally from there. I was born near Moscow, spent the first 27 years of my life there and you are right it often was quite a miserable life :).

        Do you ever visit the States?

        It’s now +15C outside but it’s already dark. It’s usually a bit over 20C in the afternoons, always sunny. Apparently one can get used to warm temperatures very quickly. The last winter that I survived in Russia the temperatures went down to -35C. Now I wear the same clothes that I wore then, when it’s +5C here.

        • Oh! Spasiba for telling me 🙂 My only word in Russian. Yes, you acclimate easily! I grew up in Florida, and that is just too hot. But explains why I seek the sun like a cat does, here where there is no sun. I’ve been back to the US twice since I moved to Ireland, both times to see my sister in South Carolina (also hot). But I lived in Ohio last, and it was hot in summer and much colder and snowier in the winter than it is here – so my really cold winter clothes don’t get worn much.

          • Hehe, that’s funny. Bravo! I’m not sure if I can spell the Russian “you’re welcome” with latin letters. Something like : Pajalooysta. Gosh, that looks scary.

            I guess the range of temperatures comfortable for you is very wide after all the experience.

            I recently listened to a podcast episode which was about an Irish variant of English language. They said it doesn’t have “yes” or “no” but uses verbs instead. Is it true? Sorry for this total off topic.

            • I asked my husband, and he said ‘ of course Irish has yes and no!’ and then proceeded to prove it does not. Yes is more like good, and no is more like not. But in a phrase instead of just one word! It isn’t related to English at all, the Irish might be upset to hear that 🙂

            • hahaha 🙂
              well, yes, that’s what the podcast said, the Irish can, of course, agree or disagree with things, they just don’t have a one word answer for it.
              The podcast said it’s because of the influence of Gaelic.

            • I mean … when the Irish speak English they tend to answer not with “yes” or “no” but with a phrase and they do this because of the influence of their language.
              I decided to explain what I meant, just in case 😀

            • Ha!! Sorry but I just had to add my 2cents here. That TOTALLY explains why David is so verbose! Makes all the sense in the world now. 🙂

  2. In 2008 when every money-based culture was beginning to show the whites of their bellies, and I was still employed, I announced that I would take Mr. Obama up on the opportunity to change light bulbs!

    I can’t find where to apply. Did the US Gov’t outsource those jobs?

      • Oooo, an international business enterprise!

        Which reminds me–I read in your blog that you do copy-editing! We have a lot in common! I’ve worked as a technical editor for 20+ years! Lots of science–hydrology, engineering, environmental impact statements, crude oil transport…. What about you? Where’d you get your experience?

        • I don’t exactly have experience – unless you count being one of three people putting together a newspaper back in 89, 90 (I was pretty young but still a better writer than the sports guy). I read a lot, and proof everything as I go, and my graphic designer friend can verify that around here, no one knows how to use English correctly! I thought I might offer editing – not writing – freelance. But now I’m thinking I’ll stick with the art, as it is visual and easier to explain to the public. My mother was a reporter, then feature editor, of our newspaper where I grew up, though. That should count for something 🙂

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