Portrait of a jealous dog


It was cold last night. So cold that Spot didn’t budge all night from his place on the couch documented in the first pic of the previous post. He didn’t get up until about a half hour ago. Of course, he’s now full of stored energy and takes it out on us by going into what I call ‘Super Love-Me Mode.’ This involves lots of head butting, leg rubbing, dog annoying, lap jumping, and purring that can be heard from the next room. Only two things satisfy him when he’s this wound up – a good brushing, or a car trip.

I asked iDJ to take him for a drive, as I needed smokes. He grumbled but agreed, as long as I gave him the last of the coffee. Deal! Spot had to be carried around the house as iDJ got dressed, because otherwise, he leaps into iDJ’s arms or stands on his hind legs and paws at tender places…neither action one that makes it easy to get anything done. Spot knew well he was going for a drive! (I should explain something to my US readers. I carefully avoid the word ‘ride’ because that word has a totally different meaning in Ireland. I’ve been conditioned not to use it due to the snickers and giggles I heard when I first moved here.)

Off they went. Lokii couldn’t care less, for him the world on the other side of window glass doesn’t even exist. Neko, however, was jealous. She watched them leave, and then waited at the front window for their return.

How…why…I wanted to go, too…

They’re home! Why aren’t they coming in? Why wasn’t I invited?

Hurry UP!

Hi! You’re home! Now come inside. Is that bacon in your pocket?

Poor dogeen. We torture her so.

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  1. I just love our family. What a close knit bunch of love you got going on there. I’m jealous as all my dog does is tell me what a horrible person I am all day every day by her sad depressed looks out from under her “I’m depressed leave me alone” blanket.

  2. Poor puppy. I have a Jack myself and she’s the smartest member of the family. Kills me to leave her bhind when we go out.

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