Brenda Lee’s version of The Crying Game.

Once again, because I heard a snippet of it when iDJ was ‘crate digging’ last night. Ooo, that sounds a bit dirty. It’s DJ talk for looking through the music collection! Since his collection is digital, it’s more listening through rather than looking.

I also woke up right after someone in a dream said to me, “Carrot is rebelling against something.” I think he meant the dog’s stuffed toy Carrot. Can’t say as the damn song drove the dream away. Grrr.

Earworm OTD

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  1. I think an interesting mystery story could be started with that line.

    “Carrot is rebelling against…..” then the speaker dies, after saying his final words to a person in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    North by Northwest follows.

    • Ha! Only if I can write it like Terry Pratchett – one writer I totally missed on my inspirational writers post, dammit! – and have Mr Carrot be a real, talking dog toy 🙂 I wish I had the talent to draw proper cartoons, that would be fun! I think, after doing this blog for nearly a month, that I really enjoy being funny with a dash of making people think the best. Lawd knows, the thinking bit is the hard part!

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