What have I done…


I caught a mostly feral kitten this eve. He was screaming non stop, and when I talked back, he started following me. So I got him to follow me home, into the house, and trapped the wee thing in a towel. I only got bitten once but it sounded like I was killing him. He’s in a cage, in a closed room my indoor, pampered boys aren’t allowed into. Called the SPCA as I cannot keep him. To a vet in the late morning to see if he is sick, if he’s fine then the SPCA will take him. If not, goodbye, little guy. Why can’t I be hard enough to turn away? I’m very sad for him already.

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  1. Best to write him off. TOO feral. Odd but feral cats are easier to fall in love with ’cause you want to tame them…you really do want to tame them…which is why men and women fall in love. BTW, Spiders, I speak with authority on both matters.

    • Oh, I know both matters myself! I won’t keep him, I cannot. I’m only hoping the vet can handle him enough to do a health check, draw blood, etc. Kitten was scared, I don’t blame him for biting and screaming. I’m not thick enough to stick my hand in the cage now that he’s feeling better and wants out of the cage, either. I petted him though the bars with a stick, and while there is growling, the hissing isn’t that common, he didn’t attack the stick in any way, and the touch calmed him down enough to let me sleep for an hour.
      As to people – if you don’t like the way they are, don’t bother trying to change them. Even worse, don’t change yourself to suit what you think they need/want. I learned the first lesson young, but the second took me ages.

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