A peek into iDJ’s mind


Really, this happened.

It was a lovely day half hour outside. I’m in the fabulous Coleman camp chair and iDJ is directly behind me on the garden bench. I’m trying to read, but he’s doing a running commentary on everything. I’m mostly ignoring him. The dog (AKA the queen) is also outside, turning her lovely white feet green on the fresh cut grass. After listening to iDJ talk to no one for a while, I opened a word processing app and started transcribing what he said.

iDJ: “Aw, look at the queen.”


iDJ: “Aw, poor Spot. Someone is crying. I know, kitty, we’re all outside!”


iDJ: “I love my kitty. He loves me.”


iDJ: “Yes, yes. I definitely need an occasional table out here.”

Me: “No, hon. You occasionally need a table out here.”

Then we went inside, because it started to rain again.


3 responses »

  1. OMG!!! I just peed myself! The “occasional table” was just the icing on the kitty cake! Oh man I LOVE you guys.


    (I still don’t know how you deal with that constant verbal brain dump seeing how I live with the world’s quietest man)

  2. K does that too. I can tune it out unless I’m reading. I guess I shouldn’t complain seeing as I always have to have something that makes noise on and it bothers him.

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