New Beer!


I got to try new beer this weekend! This is a bit of a rarity. You’d think the home of Guinness would be awash in beer, and it is…but only a few types. Diageo, owners of the black stuff, have the market tied up and held for ransom in the pubs. Heineken, Bud, Coors, Carlsberg, Guinness and Smithwick’s are about it, in the shebeen.

But we shop in the cheapo places, Lidl and Aldi, and sometimes they have new and interesting beverages! Here’s two we found, both by Shepherd Neame out of Kent, England.

Autumn Blaze Ale:


Tasty! Really easy to drink, a nice flavour of hops but not overpowering. Says it is bitter, but I sure didn’t think so.

Up and Under Ale


Also tasty. Nearly identical to the Autumn Blaze. Perhaps a bit more of a hoppy aftertaste. Completely a gimmick ale, as it is rugby-based in name and label.

Both well worth a try, even if they are only 4%.

Thoughts? Gardening tips? Cocktail recipes? Don't just like and leave, please - I can talk for Ireland and would love to prove it!

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