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Good news all around


Hooray! I worked today, a Saturday!

Why is that something to ‘hooray’ over, when my weekends are so very damn precious to me?

Because, while I didn’t get to play with our new software (the only reason I said I would come in), I did get to have a chat with the manager of our department about “My Future In The Company.”

Usually, that would be a conversation that would cause trepidation. But not on a Saturday in our comfy clothes, and not when bonding over a mutual love of hard rock! Whew.

In a few days, my six-month contract runs out. Being as no one has actually said that I’m to be hired on permanently, I was a bit worried. Not anymore! And in a few weeks my job as it is now will become pretty much obsolete. I’ve been concerned with just what I might be doing when those few weeks are up. Today I heard what they have planned for me, and amongst other duties, I get to do a job that I actually want to do! Not the other stuff I that I have to do because I need a job. This is something I’ve seen a need for, a job for someone geeky and anal-retentive, a job made for someone like me!

And, just a quick note about Socks and Button: they are both doing great, both 100% healthy and at least one of them is over-the-moon happy. Hard to tell if a baby, who is just a week old, is happy! Wow, just a week? My time sense, never ever approaching accuracy, is really out of whack.

Lastly, we are going Out in a little while. iDJ has been asked to do a short gig in our favourite pub in honour of a friend who is moving to Australia, permanently. Sad to lose another one – this fellow was trying to make it here with a small farm, chickens, ducks, and his music. There’s a term that exists only in Ireland – an American Wake. It is a celebration of someone’s life when you probably won’t ever see them again because they have been forced to emigrate, usually to the States. This time it’s to Oz, but the sentiment’s the same. Nevertheless, it should be a good night. I even washed my hair!