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I’m not dead…


…but my iPad is. I’m borrowing hubby’s work one to write this, but it has no photos, no history, and it isn’t MINE.

MINE fell on its face and shattered, and it’s been quite the ordeal to get it fixed. My old one also has developed issues and is unusable. I hate this, but what do you do? Might have it back on Tuesday.

So, it’s been three weeks since I’ve been able to do anything bloggy. Thanks for noticing my absence – insert small sarcastic huff here – but I find the WP reader annoying and prefer to get my new blog post updates via email. Which is pointless on an iPhone as I can’t hardly see the damn thing; and typing a comment? fugeddaboutit. Man-hands: I have man-hands. Old-man-hands. Big fat fumbly callused fingers. Trust me. I’d be responding with things like, “Yesssh Iagree nd I also tink thiis harhar har”.

To ease my pain of lack of blogging, I’ve been posting random shit on FB that I’d normally put here. I don’t think my ‘real life’ friends appreciate my randomness as much as you lot, and dammit I sure miss you. I’m sorry, very sorry! that my Precious fell on her face and turned into something full of shards of glass I couldn’t allow into my bed. Oh yes, I read 2-3 books a week on the iPad, too. My constant companion, actually. *sniffle *

I can’t even put up a decent photo to show my shame.

Tigridia Tuesday – Week 2


Jazuz, but there are a lot of pics. I don’t think I’ll be taking the time to resize these like I did last week – too many!

Wednesday: the red/orange one reminds me a a Gremlin from the movies for some reason.







I’m missing a few pics from Thursday, as my phone is over-full and refusing to send them to the iPad. But the last two were taken late Thursday evening, when I was on the phone to Socks, and noticed that there was bright pink juice dripping down the stem as the flower faded and died. Which is better: with or without the flash?

Friday: just the one set of five at once!

Saturday: do you see what I see? Yellow ones about to bloom! An-tic-i-pa-tion…


Sunday: my first yellow iris! A bit battered as it was very windy.
Also my first mutant bloom, poor thing.




Monday: almost done, and boy howdy am I tired of uploading these! Poor iPad is below 25%, hope I make it.



Today (Tuesday, durrrrrr):




Aaaand finally, I’m done. Holy crapmonkeys, Batman, but that was a lot of work! I don’t blame y’all for just giving a cursory glance at this.

The Only Superhero for Me! Cartoon Craziness Challenge


When I heard this week’s Cartoon Craziness Challenge was ‘superhero’, I didn’t have one minute of hesitation. I actually know a superhero!

My daddy!

Today is his 75th birthday, and he seems the same to me as he he was in his 50’s. Still has all his hair, and his all original parts, and best of all he still has his silly sense of humour. This cartoon is drawn from my favourite photo of him, taken by my hubby when Dad was over to visit us. I forget why he turned his cap backward and struck a gangsta pose – maybe some rap/hip-hop music was playing in the pub we were in? Still, you haveta love someone who is willing to be goofy a) in public b) in their 70’s c) in a foreign country surrounded by strangers.

Of course he’s super for a lot more reasons – but if I get all gooshy here, he will tease me unmercifully!

Love you dad and thank you for everything you have done for your family over the years. Wish I could give you a big hug today!

Cat inna Hat Challenge!


Ah, I don’t normally do these, but I felt the immediate need to draw a cat in a hat when I saw The Indecisive Eejit’s challenge.


Yah, it’s rubbish but I enjoyed the 10 minutes it took to do it – I use the Brushes app and it is ‘fingerpainting’ on an iPad. I can do much better work, I promise – my favourite being Ivy and Stewie. Please, have a look – I promise I’m not usually so… quick?

Funk, punk, soul n such



Aww! I’m so over the moon happy that one of my blog friends took the time to spread the word! Thank you SO much!

Originally posted on Ms. D. Ranged In AZ:

If you’re looking for good music that you won’t hear on the radio, particularly won’t hear on the vapid radio we get in the U.S., I highly recommend you check out the “funkpunksoul’n’such” of Soul Shenanigans.  You can hear them live every Thursday PST 12-2 pm (GMT 8-10 pm) at or or explore previous podcasts over at    You can also find them on Facebook ( and on Twitter (@soulshenanigans).

Podcasts are recorded in County Mayo, Ireland (hence the GMT for those of you on the other side of the pond) and the DJ is the hubby of a fellow blogger and my friend    You don’t get a lot of talk (hardly any, really) but you will get an excellent variety of music.  Every podcast has a theme of sorts like “Indie Garage World RAWK Grooves” and they have a…

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Nothing says ‘I love you’ like an arse in your face.


Taken the other morning with the iPad – terrible pic as usual and I even lightened it up with iDarkroom HD.

Got to feel the love when kitty decides to let you bask in the glory of his arse at very, very, close proximity to your nose.

Where Did I Go?


My one-year blogsversarry has come and gone. I wanted to write something fun, and funny, and I cannot. That’s why I haven’t posted a thing lately.

I’ve lost my funny.

I’ve lost my funny, and I’ve lost my art, and my words. All the things that brought us together via the blog.

All I have left at the moment are the cats.

Maybe it’s the epic book-journey I’ve been on, reading the Song of Ice and Fire books. (OMG the author looks like my dad!) I’m only on book four, and it’s been over a week. Or two? These are long books, so far every one over 800 pages hardback according to Wiki (I have digital versions so can’t be sure of a page count). I’m happy to have a place to go, and crave that world when I am away too long, but perhaps this level of escape is not the best for me?

However I think I know deep down what is bothering me. And it is an unsolvable problem, which bothers me more and makes it harder.

I read just a few of my early posts: just one or two, and I seem so different. Financially strapped, physically broken… but I was writing. Even just to hear myself speak, I was writing. And then I was drawing! A new format that excited me and opened new worlds and ideas.

And then I got a job and all that went away. Poof! And now instead of dreams that feed my creativity, I dream of computers and emails and Things I Forgot To Get Done. I wake and think of these things instead of marvelling at the strange song that was in my head.

So. I want to say a lot of things, but right now, I’m just a bit dark. I want to bitch about work but It Isn’t Safe. If I put up a password protected post, would anyone read it? Who really wants to hear me moan? I don’t even really bitch to iDJ as there is nothing he can do – and as a man, he would want to fix it. He’s just as trapped as I am, so other than leaving with a sigh and coming home somber or cranky, I don’t say anything.