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Stephen King has a webcomic!


Okay I’m a bit late in, but you have plenty of time to catch up!

My writer-hero, Mr King, has a webcomic in the works right now. It’s called The Little Green God of Agony.

Drawn by Dennis Calero and adapted from a twice-published short story, Little Green God will update Monday, Wednesday and Friday for eight weeks. We’re still barely into week two, so if you love King, jump on board!

I just leave the page open in Safari and check it daily, as I barely know what day it is anymore…

The most fun I’ve had at work


A little story from work yesterday.

I recieved an email that pointed out yet another problem in our new software. I replied, “Oh, that’s a new one. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I’m sure that so-and-so whom you cc’d in will send it on to the IT guys.”

A reply was shot right back to me. “Do I get a prize?”

Now, I could take that one of two ways. A) snarky, asshole reply because yes, the stuff is buggy and it’s a pain in the hole. B) Goofing around being silly just because.

I chose B, because my day had not been an absolute nightmare yesterday. My reply: “Sure! I can draw you a picture, what would you like?”

Another very short response: “An elephant dancing on the moon.”

Oh yeah, I can do that! Last night I did, after Oirish Tirsday was at its end.

Yes, it’s terrible! It’s meant to be. It’s for FUN! My watermark was ‘A Special Prize for ___ from ___!

And today, it was fun. I sent it off about 9:30am and got an iPhone photo back of my drawing, printed in colour and tacked to the wall of her cubicle next to her wedding photo.

Aww! So, so worth it. Not only because I enjoyed making it (I smiled the whole time). I enjoyed sending it and waiting for a response, and I’m hopeful that I’ve probably taken one more person off the list of people who Complain Officially first instead of acting like a human. Score!

Because starting Monday, guess who is managing Official Complaints? I’m also hopeful a manager title goes with it…

A Little bit of Button


Babies are hard to draw! They are missing all the wrinkles and lines that us auld folk have, and so a picture can only be a few simple lines that gives the faintest suggestion of who they are. Maybe that’s on purpose – at just a few weeks old, a baby is not yet who it will be.

Another reason to be proud of our lines; they tell a story of personality and experience. There are our crooked smiles, our frowns. A lifetime of physical efforts writ upon our faces, our hands, and even our knees.

Or maybe I’m just making excuses for why I haven’t put up any drawings of Button yet! I’ve been working on one for a while. I wanted to do something that just wasn’t working. The joy of digital art is that I can save and share what I have now, and play with it again at any time. Just in case I figure out how to do what I see in my head, of course.

So, this is, indeed, simple. Just a few lines and a little shading. Socks took a photo when her Super Lady was just a few days old, and I loved it so much I had to create something from it.

Sorry about the HUGE watermark. I get a lot of Google Image searches and I don’t like the idea that my work is being stolen. If you really like this, I’d be glad to email a copy without the watermark.

And of course, Socks will get an extra-special version :)

I received a Major Award!


I won something! I really, really did. This is such a rarity for me! I responded to a contest being held over on Tranquil Space Designs‘ blog, and I was the first winner of a freakin’ amazing prize: 3 full sets of Magic Mojo greeting cards, with a retail value of £110.00/$175! I got them in the post today (actually, they came two days ago but we had to sign for the parcel and couldn’t get to An Post until today).

First, I have to show you the incredibly appropriate and very ecologically-friendly box my Award arrived in:

Purr-fect, no? Sorry I have no idea why I took such a crooked picture. It looked right at the time… I guess I was just too excited to open the box and see what was inside!

I had to wait until iDJ came home from running errands so he could share in the Award Ceremony. The cats also helped. They knew very well that this box had something to do with cats. We sat down on the couch and went through every card, giggling like kids. His favourite was ‘Keep calm and kitty on’ where mine was – oh man, too hard. I laughed a lot at ‘Come on Baby Lick My Fur’ and ‘aww’ed a lot at the Oliver Twist kitten… nope, I can’t say I have a favourite. BUT! I didn’t realise at first that most of the cards had a funny little descriptive paragraph on the back that was related to the front (the inside is blank). So then we got to go back through and read them all!

iDJ said I can’t send them to anyone, they are too nice. I countered with, ‘But that’s what they are for!’ I have good people in my life that will love these as much as I do, and will keep them forever (they better or they’re off the ‘good people’ list).

I might have to keep one or two…or three…or…

The contest is still open, so GO and see if you can win, too! If you do win, let me know – I’ll post one to you and you can post the same one back to me, so we can keep it forever – we’re good people, after all!

Perhaps it is time to get serious…


First, let me swear on whatever you find worthy of swearing upon that I have not ever clicked on my own blog link after doing a search for ’11/22/63 art.’ (Proof: it isn’t purple in my browser!) I only ever looked because I kept seeing it pop up in my stats, along with ‘Siamese cat drawing.’ So, being curious, I wanted to see where I ranked. The last time I looked, I ranked just below the official Stephen King website. Today, I rank above it.


I actually feel a bit ill seeing this. It scares me. What if King finds me? I might have my first-ever panic attack… and then invite him to Ireland to drive around Mayo on a rented Harley with me (on my own bike, of course). I know better than to ask him to the pub.

What if the publisher sees it, or the person who did the book jacket, and says I’ve infringed on copyright by reproducing the first page? I want to do more of these, and I even started one for ‘IT’ but the movie’s images kept getting in my way. I’ll have to read it again (oh darn, the hardship) and find a good image to use. So right now my idea is to do a couple more, then go ask the publisher if I’m in trouble and need to stop…