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The most fun I’ve had at work


A little story from work yesterday.

I recieved an email that pointed out yet another problem in our new software. I replied, “Oh, that’s a new one. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I’m sure that so-and-so whom you cc’d in will send it on to the IT guys.”

A reply was shot right back to me. “Do I get a prize?”

Now, I could take that one of two ways. A) snarky, asshole reply because yes, the stuff is buggy and it’s a pain in the hole. B) Goofing around being silly just because.

I chose B, because my day had not been an absolute nightmare yesterday. My reply: “Sure! I can draw you a picture, what would you like?”

Another very short response: “An elephant dancing on the moon.”

Oh yeah, I can do that! Last night I did, after Oirish Tirsday was at its end.

Yes, it’s terrible! It’s meant to be. It’s for FUN! My watermark was ‘A Special Prize for ___ from ___!

And today, it was fun. I sent it off about 9:30am and got an iPhone photo back of my drawing, printed in colour and tacked to the wall of her cubicle next to her wedding photo.

Aww! So, so worth it. Not only because I enjoyed making it (I smiled the whole time). I enjoyed sending it and waiting for a response, and I’m hopeful that I’ve probably taken one more person off the list of people who Complain Officially first instead of acting like a human. Score!

Because starting Monday, guess who is managing Official Complaints? I’m also hopeful a manager title goes with it…

Red Dog has been Brushed!


I did Red Dog just for me a few days ago. I wasn’t going to post him, not yet, but I really, really like him and need cheering up. I used a picture of a stalking dog as reference, but didn’t use the original pic like I normally do. I also put his tail up, instead of down like the working dog would be, so he looks playful.

Oh – he was ‘for me’ in that I felt the need to have a bit of fun, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead! But he’s also for my sister – she inspired me to try a few new ideas :)

Goldfish has been brushed!


Hi! Sorry I’ve been quiet the last few days, something not-good happened and since I can’t put a funny spin on it, I’m not going to talk about it.

So, here’s my goldfish picture. I took the original pic at the pet shop last week.