Go meet my friend!


Somehow, through complete lack of my paying any damn attention at all, my friend has started a blog and it is FABULOUS.

Please go and meet her, and follow along! Dogs, cats, animal activisim, graphic design, beautiful photos of Ireland: she’s got it all! She’s been mentioned here and photographed a few times, too – she’s part of my KIBIS group. I’ll let you guess which one she is…

You have to love a blog that is summed up by the words “celebrating a pet-centric way of life!”

And, you’ll get to learn more about my small town than I normally get around to sharing with you. I for one really enjoy another non-native’s take on our adopted country, county, and town.

Peternal Instinct!

Edit: I got so excited I didn’t do this properly. Peternal is the genius behind Eternal Shades of Grey, too.


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  2. Great advert – so clever and hope it does well. I was in Glastonbury th eother Saturday and they had a greyhound rescue event there – they are gorgeous and gentle dogs – one called Murdock was like something out of a medieaval tapestry…

    • It’s been very helpful, and so timely! Funniest part is the designer had the barest idea of what the books are about – and it was STILL perfect. Doesn’t say much about the books – not that there is much to say, really! She tells me most retired Irish racing greys are rehired in the UK so it could be she knows Murdock. I think of the A-Team, though :)

      • well that is amazing as the lady there with the dogs said he was from Ireland I am sure – and teh friend I went with went to Ireland in a truck and brought home 80 rescues!

          • A lot of dog indeed! No – she was the driver fo rMany Tears Rescue in Mid Wales – she is actually allergic to dogs aswell ( can you believe it!) and she was mighty ill for weeks after it..

            • Wow, that is dedication. Is Wales greyhound-friendly? It seems the Irish mostly want collies, terriers or fancy purebreds so convincing them of the merits of a grey is hard. Much harder when it comes to cats :(

            • Isn’t that funny. Well there is a big greyhound wales rescue – I am not sure of general trends though…..

        • Ha! I was just starting to get the chance to play with art for the first time since I was a teen…then I had to go hit the streets (found a job). Sigh. But I can NOT do watercolour! Hardest medium EVER. Fair play to you!

          • LOL – well – I have never known anything else see – so I suppose I am lucky that an oil tube didn’t find its way into my sticky mitts or I’d probably be saying the same thing. I’ve just beaten WC into submission these last 20 years – it knows who’s boss now.

            • Ha!!! I had acrylic mostly as a kid, and my gramma’s old oils – the oil paint itself never seemed to get old! Not good for an impatient child, and I had no one to teach me the joys of wc. My best friend (known as Socks on the blog) has a lifetime of playing with all mediums and a great teacher in her mother. I’ve just farted around most of my life, but got excited when I found Brushes for iPad. I know I’ve a lot to learn, and no time now, but wow it suits my impatience perfectly!

            • well exactly – each to their own media – horses for courses and all that :)

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