The most fun I’ve had at work


A little story from work yesterday.

I recieved an email that pointed out yet another problem in our new software. I replied, “Oh, that’s a new one. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I’m sure that so-and-so whom you cc’d in will send it on to the IT guys.”

A reply was shot right back to me. “Do I get a prize?”

Now, I could take that one of two ways. A) snarky, asshole reply because yes, the stuff is buggy and it’s a pain in the hole. B) Goofing around being silly just because.

I chose B, because my day had not been an absolute nightmare yesterday. My reply: “Sure! I can draw you a picture, what would you like?”

Another very short response: “An elephant dancing on the moon.”

Oh yeah, I can do that! Last night I did, after Oirish Tirsday was at its end.

Yes, it’s terrible! It’s meant to be. It’s for FUN! My watermark was ‘A Special Prize for ___ from ___!

And today, it was fun. I sent it off about 9:30am and got an iPhone photo back of my drawing, printed in colour and tacked to the wall of her cubicle next to her wedding photo.

Aww! So, so worth it. Not only because I enjoyed making it (I smiled the whole time). I enjoyed sending it and waiting for a response, and I’m hopeful that I’ve probably taken one more person off the list of people who Complain Officially first instead of acting like a human. Score!

Because starting Monday, guess who is managing Official Complaints? I’m also hopeful a manager title goes with it…

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    • Yep, it’s been a soul-sucking month and a half. Been promised that I don’t have to answer the phones any more as of Monday, and you have no idea what a relief that is. Official complaints are written, so I don’t have to deal with people literally screaming at me. I’ve still some messes to clear up – she who answers the phone gets stuck with the mess until it’s over or passed upward. I guess I’m upward now.

    • Yes, and no. I get to stop doing the really shitty work and have more control, clout, and responsibility. Not got a new title or a pay rise – or even a conversation about either. I will be bringing it up once I have an idea of what the hell I’m doing! Because I don’t have a clue. Hahah!

        • Ha! We will see, we will see! I’m sure it will be very hard. But the part I want to do is more important to my manager – sorting out the online catalog! Photos, measurements, Correct Fucking Descriptions in the Correct Fucking Category! I love doing that nit-picky stuff, and that will take out 85% of complaints right there!

            • I can do a lot of things! Doing something I actually want to do is a bit of a new one. It’s not art, and I have to take on complaints to do it, but I’m pleased that it’s me they picked rather than someone who has been there longer. They WERE paying attention! Yay :)

            • I’m hoping there will be a reduction in energy output at your job so that you can return to your own life, like art! I find it almost impossible to work and have a life…. >:-{

    • Thanks! Yes it was intentionally meant to make friends. I might see if I can make it a ‘thing’ where my “customers” actually try to be nice to me/the company in order to get a drawing! it works – if someone feels kindly toward you, they are less likely to complain. I also have to make a list of the ones to watch out for and try hardest with them! Preventive measures while I actually sort out the HUGE problems that are really there.

  1. 7756 – that is a deep message from Bean, our new kitten. Can’t remember what I was going to say… she’s the first four-month stray we’ve had who’s been told by the vet she has a fat sack – we now worry about the iPad screen…
    Only do the job to the best of your abilities once you know what job they expect you to do and are prepared to pay you to do. Being happy is VERY important but respect is fundamental.

    • Thank you :) It was fun to pull something so silly out of my head. And who wouldn’t be happy if they could dance on the moon? I probably should have given him a spacesuit – had to be a short dance.

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